Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween–Simpsons Style


Doug and I decided to be Marge and Homer Simpson this Halloween!  I wasn’t too excited about a store bought costume until I started looking on line.  I found some great ideas to spice Marge up!  I painted myself yellow, found some great shoes at Value Village that I spray painted orange, and I made bug eyes out of ping pong balls.  The eyes were a little freaky…but hey it was for Halloween!


Our friends had some great costumes too!

A Bee and her Beekeeper…


Fred and Wilma…


All the Girls….


Heather was a Barbie Doll Styling head and I laughed out loud every time I looked at her!


Group shot…


We had a great time at our Halloween party and recovered all day on Sunday by being lazy on the couch.  We had enough tricker treaters come by on Monday night that  I unloaded all my candy on them.  Diet starts on Tuesday…HAHAHA!

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